Inherently Human

Two friends, a 20 year old lifeguard and a 72 year old retiree attempt to bridge the generation gap in openhearted conversation about whatever comes to mind (which turns out to be just about everything).

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September 16, 2019 00:46:34
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Aden Debord, 21,is a student of "meme culture," and the extent to which memes are ingrained in the internet experience. His friend, Jim Newman, 73, is familiar with the word "meme." But that's about it. In this episode he learns -- thanks to Aden's understanding of the subject -- just how dimly he's comprehended the interlocking complexities of what memes on the internet are all about. Turns out, meme's are their own subculture! ...



September 07, 2019 00:47:22
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Aden Debord, 21, and Jim Newman, 73, engage in a philosophical discussion of the benefits of expressing deep emotions quickly and clearly as an aid to communication. Actors, of course, train to display a multitude of emotions with great ease and clarity. Aden suggests that perhaps the average man or woman becomes an actor too, though with the goal of concealing true emotions behind a mask. The two friends agree that, as ironic as that theory is, it's probably true. Aden is facing his senior year at Portland State University. His focus won't be on acting or entertainent but on helping people. Jim and Aden talk about remarkable technologies available to help care givers save lives. ...



September 02, 2019 00:46:36
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Aden Debord, 21. delves deep into the internet, playing games on-line, watching YouTube channels, etc. He says people as involved as he is sometimes risk encountering "trolls" --anonymous misfites whose sole purpose seems to be to attack others in remarkably cruel ways. His friend, Jim Newman, 73, is fascinated by the stories Aden tells. Partly because of the chilling nature of the attacks. But also because of the new words emerging in US English to describe such events! ...



August 25, 2019 00:46:58
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Aden Debord, 23, and Jim Newman,73, have been discussing video games and the unlikely creatures one confronts in those fantasy landscapes. Dragpns inhabit Aden's favorite game. But in the real world, creatures no less strange -- such as bigfoot, and the Loch Ness monster -- may or may not exist. The discussion leads the two friends to contemplate human fascination with legedary monsters and the mindset that may lead a person to believe or disbelieve. ...



August 25, 2019 00:50:21
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The immersive world of video games is very familiar to 21-year-old podcast host, Aden Debord. His friend, and co-host, Jim Newman, 73, has never played a video game in his life -- except maybe Donkey Kong, or Pong, when those earlier games were the rage in bars and arcades 40 years ago. Turns out that nowadays veteran gamer Aden, in the guise of his avatar, "Woodsly the Wood Elf," has entered an exponentially more exciting landscape that has riveted him to the screen in recent days. He did it by upgrading his processor a month or two ago! ...



August 02, 2019 00:47:13
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Inherently Human #31

Aden Debord, 21,has just watched himself in a short film in which he plays a young man who's recently passed away. It's his first acting role. Jim Newman, 73, has had some acting experience and was also in a short film set in the afterlife. The two friends compare notes on acting, movies, and what it's like to watch yourself on screen. ...