INHERENTLY HUMAN #18 Podcast Superpower

Episode 18 January 19, 2019 00:45:25
INHERENTLY HUMAN #18  Podcast Superpower
Inherently Human
INHERENTLY HUMAN #18 Podcast Superpower

Show Notes

Aden Debord, 20, and Jim Newman, 72, record for the first time in a professional recording studio. They endure the distractions of this strange environment while exploring possible conncections between relaxation, vulnerability, and deeper connection to other people.

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Episode 34

September 02, 2019 00:46:36
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Aden Debord, 21. delves deep into the internet, playing games on-line, watching YouTube channels, etc. He says people as involved as he is sometimes risk encountering "trolls" --anonymous misfites whose sole purpose seems to be to attack others in remarkably cruel ways. His friend, Jim Newman, 73, is fascinated by the stories Aden tells. Partly because of the chilling nature of the attacks. But also because of the new words emerging in US English to describe such events! ...


Episode 33

August 25, 2019 00:46:58
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Aden Debord, 23, and Jim Newman,73, have been discussing video games and the unlikely creatures one confronts in those fantasy landscapes. Dragpns inhabit Aden's favorite game. But in the real world, creatures no less strange -- such as bigfoot, and the Loch Ness monster -- may or may not exist. The discussion leads the two friends to contemplate human fascination with legedary monsters and the mindset that may lead a person to believe or disbelieve. ...


Episode 30

June 28, 2019 00:46:53
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Aden Debord, 21, and Jim Newman, 73 agree that they are friends and that that's something to celebrate. The reassuring declaration doesn't really define their relationship, though, or say anything about what it actually means for any two people to be "friends". In this episode, Jim and Aden undertake a meandering journey through personal recollections, trying to define their individual experience of friendship. They don't necessarily wind up with a workable definition. They both conclude after heartfelt discussion that they'd be lost without their friends. ...